Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Satanism and Corrupt Christianity :: essays research papers

Spiritual Alchemy & The Bible True Satanism is based upon the ancient religions that predated Judaism, Christianity, and Islam by hundreds to thousands of years. The traditional colors of black and red used in Satanism, date all the way back to Ancient Egypt and are symbolic of spiritual transformation. The ancient religions were based upon completing our Creator Satan's work: that of transforming the human soul into that of a god and achieving god-like power and immortality. Satan's Kingdom was stolen from him. The Judeo/Christian Bible is a corruption of stolen material that has been used to spiritually enslave humanity. All of the legends of the Gods are allegories. The Vatican and its cohorts have gained wealth, power, and control by forcing people to believe these allegories are literal places and characters. The completion of the work, what is known in alchemy as the "Magnum Opus" has its foundation in the kundalini. The kundalini serpent lies coiled at the base of the spine. Through meditation, the fiery serpent ascends. This is what is known as "Raising the Devil." There are 33 vertebrae in the in the human spinal column. We often hear the term "33rd degree Mason" or that the fictitious nazarene lived 33 years. The kundalini serpent ascends the 33 vertebrae of the spine. The seven chakras are also very important in the work. When the kundalini ascends, it must pierce through each of the seven chakras. This is why there is so much emphasis on the number seven in many ancient spiritual texts and also what has been corrupted in the Judeo/Christian Bible. Christian leaders mislead their followers through deceiving them into believing the stolen legends in the bible are real. Through this deception, the Vatican and Christian churches have obtained unbelievable wealth and power. This power is not only in the material world, but in the spiritual as well. All spiritual knowledge was systematically removed with the Inquisition. Those at the top are adept at black magick and have advanced to spiritual power, while the rest of humanity suffers under their control. Many ancient paintings we are told are of the nazarene, "virgin mary" and related are really of the Original Gods, such as Marduk (Amon Ra) and Astaroth. The Magnum Opus begins ideally in the spring when the Sun is in Aries, thus the man standing with the lamb. The halo is the ascended kundalini and the vibrant aura of witchpower.

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